{Mr. Chasebakers}
Specialize in all baked
goods including wedding and specialty cakes.

My last photo session before I have to jump on a plane back to Charlotte, NC! I left this one for last for one of two reasons. The obvious is so I could eat all of these luscious desserts and the second is that I have not seen the owner of Mr. Chasebakers since high school and we desperately needed to catch up!!

Driving down the Grand Central Parkway trying hard not to get hit and also wondering why is everyone throwing up gang signs at me??!! Perhaps I've gotten used to the slow pace of the south and I'm driving under the speed limit. Sorry!!!! 

Get a napkin or a towel because your mouth is to start watering!!

{Sugared Up}
Custom made cakes & cupcakes

It was my great pleasure to photograph not only pleasing to the eye creations but also very tasty!!! These amazing sweet treats are created by- Missy Evans. She stared out baking for fun and when she would show up at an event with her amazing creations, everyone wanted to know where they could get one. If your mouth waters when you see her work, you can contact her @!/sugaredup