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Little behind the scene's of Levi's birth!

I remember the day Levi was born as if it were yesterday. On Saturday February 12, 2011 my water broke around 6 a.m. at home. The contractions came on strong and quick so I woke Marc up and he grab our things. My sister told me that I couldn't go to the hospital looking like a hot mess and I needed to make sure I fixed myself first. In between contractions I put on my dress, curled my hair and put on makeup. My amazing friend Katie Joseph met us at the hospital to coach me and the nurses laughed because they couldn't believe I got all dolled up. Long story short here is a little glimpse of our time at the hospital.

It's a long story but I never planned on having a c-section but Levi was faced the wrong way and he was stuck. It wasn't easy but I thank God for Marc who was there for me every step of the way.

Welcome Aboard LSR Airlines
{Happy 1st Birthday Levi Saul}

We celebrated Levi's Birthday with some of our close friends at our home. Marc's sister Liana flew in from New York to celebrate with us and we could not have been happier. Marc and I designed a vintage aviation birthday just for Levi and although he probably didn't understand what was happening he had a great time. I don't know where the time has gone but we are trying to live in every moment we have with him and pray that God gives us wisdom every step of the way.

Here is a glimpse at Levi's 1st Birthday!!

Our guest's were greeted at the door with this amazing poster Marc designed.

Heather Gatch made Levi's fabulous cake and cupcakes based off of the theme we created. 
Her creations are amazing so go check them out!!

I found the world map at this sweet little store called Bebe Gallini's near our house.

The tablecloth came from Ikea in the fabric section.

It was such a blessing to have the men lay hands on Levi and pray over him. Marc led us in prayer and 
it set the tone for the rest of the day. I've heard it takes a village to raise a child and we are blessed to have these people in our lives.

I've planned Levi's first birthday since the day he was born. We serve a God who is so creative and into details that I had to celebrate by doing just that. I did drive Marc crazy but the end result was more then I could ask for.

Marc cut out a ton of clouds and hung them around the house along with paper airplanes that he also made. Evie and Liana helped set everything up the night before and we couldn't have done it without their help.

I did cheat and buy store bought "Nutter Butters" and dip them in chocolate. I also bought box cake mix and made the whoopie  pies and cake pops. I can't take all the credit because Evie and Liana helped bring it all together.

We cut out a bunch of little flags and glued them to paper straws and toothpick for a little special something.

We had the kids play "Pin The Propeller" and I wasn't sure how it would go having to blind fold them but it was a success ; )

Above - the lovely Beth Brown and Joah, playing the role of Captain and aviator in training!

Below - Jeremy Franklin. Levi absolutely LOVES Mr. Jeremy and if you know him at all, this was a big deal to get him to play along ; ) We LOVE YOU <3

I forgot to take pictures of the food we made but lucky we got folks in action! We can always count on Lindsay Franklin to let Levi share her food. Praise God for good friends!!

I can always count on Will Bridenstein to appreciate my cooking.

Even we wanted in on the fun. The kids however did much better then we did.

In the end it all came together and Levi was able to celebrate with people that love him. 

The only picture we have of his full get up!! 

{Levi's 1st Halloween}

Better late then never but it's been a crazy year!!!

Marc and I went back and forth on what costume we would dress Levi and Maximus in. Marc grew up on comics, so naturally Spiderman, Batman & Superman were the first one's he recommended. I on the other hand wanted something a little funnier and old school (at least I think it is.) Either way I was willing to meet him in the middle and I would like to present to you...........

Frankenstein & Batdog

Showing off his two teeth!!

I found this costume for $5 at Pet Smart. Marc's prayer's were answered ; )

We were harassing Levi to take pictures and he really had enough ; )

I can't believe time is flying by so fast and our boy will be turning 1 year old in 6 weeks!!!

Sweet Peek 
{Levi Saul}

It's amazing to see God's promise fulfilled right in front of you every day. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't give glory to God for giving us this precious gift. If you don't know us personally then you wouldn't know that I had several miscarriages leading up to having Levi. Marc and I lost our daughter, Madison Grace Rodriguez at 6 months pregnant. We were only married a few months before we found out we were expecting. After we lost Madison, we lost 3 more babies.  No words can express the pain we felt.

It would take 7 years before God would bless us with Levi. God spoke to our Pastor's wife Maria Durso

In June 2010, after our 7 year Wedding Anniversary we found out that we were pregnant. We were so excited and yet a little fearful. Everyday we prayed over this baby and believed that God's promise was forming inside me. When it came time to find out what the sex of our baby was, it was nerve racking! The tech zeroed in on his manly area and said "It's a boy!" and I cried like a baby!!!!

I hope this brings encouragement to anyone that maybe facing a difficult situation. God is able....He will never leave us...He will never forsake us!

Enjoy a few pics of our miracle and promise.....Levi Saul!!

Since we are from NY, we had to give a little shout out and show some LOVE!

The past 7 months have been the best months of our lives!

His first tooth...sigh!

{Rodriguez Family Trip}
Savannah, GA

This time last year Marc and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversay in Savannah, GA!! I would say it was the best trip we've ever had. We also had no idea that nine months later we would finally be parents to a beautiful baby boy named Levi Saul. You see to us Savannah is not just another city but it's where God's promise to us in October 2009 finally came to pass. This year we found it only fitting to go back to Savannah and celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary BUT also God's faithfulness.  Here are a few pics of our 1st family trip!!

Because I LOVE history so much, we spent the last day touring the History Museums which included a train ride on a old locomotive. Be sure to check out the Roundhouse Railroad Museum next time your in Savannah.

Beach Bum!

The famous Forsyth Park where Forest Gump was filmed. It is such an amazing place to lay in the grass and have a picnic.

Zunis Take Out Inc. rocks and is our favorite place to go eat. There is always a line outside.

I seriously cannot get enough of this boy!!

This was Levi's first time at the beach and he had a blast!! He went wild when his daddy showed him how to splash the water with his hands. Such sweetness.