Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sweet Peek {Eve & Ben}
December 3, 2011

Since coming into the 21st century human kind has come to meet on all different levels. Eve and Ben's story begins on Facebook and their love for English language. It would be over the course of three years before they would come together. Not even being oceans apart could stop them for falling in love and coming together.

Eve's father Frank said "the only person missing at the wedding was Mark Zuckerberg." Who would have thought? Their love for one another is extraordinary. 

Something look different?? Yes, Leah was Ben's best woman for his wedding. 
She looks very dashing in her suit. 

   Even in a penguin sweater she is stunning!!!

Eve has a great sense of humor and was not looking for everything to be formal. 
With that said we both thought it would be hilarious to share her getting ready and getting stuck in her dress!!

Sam {left} is Eve's brother and read - I Do Not Love You by: Pablo Neruda's
Tim {right} is Eve's dear friend from London. He read - I Want to Understand
by: Roland Barthes

I have never seen a daughter and mother duo like this. Mrs. Paula loves to dance!!

The energy and excitement for this wedding was like none other.

Ben's previous grandmother was moved to unstoppable laughter. I'm so glad I caught this moment.

Eve and Ben are a fabulously good looking couple and it was honor to capture their LOVE!!

Everyone heading back to The Wine Vault for drinks but poor Ben was exhausted ; )


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  1. Diane... I can't stop looking at these. I love them. You and Marc made the photos so much fun and not only are they artistically beautiful, you got to know us and took photos that are really *us*. I cannot thank you enough. Ben and I love them, and can't wait to get our hands on the prints! :) Thank you again. xxx