Love Birds

Sweet Peek {Cassie & Andrew}

Sweet Peek {Cinzia & Shane}

Cinzia, is a small package packing a big punch! She is gorgeous and has this vintage Hollywood style that oozes from her pours. Shane is a crazy combo of a gentle quite spirit and rock star that plays for Elevation, where we all attend church. They also included their cute little pup "Cosby" freaking cute!!!

I was on a mission for days searching for the right spot for their session. I finally remembered this spot I always drive by going to church. Shane is a human GPS and knew exactly what I was talking about. It was an adventure since the tracks we were photographing on were still active...Crazy!!!

In just a few short days they will be tying the knot in Italy!!!

Now, for your viewing pleasure.........

{Teka & Mel}

The day had finally come when I would meet Teka and Mel face to face. Teka and I had gone back and forth through email and text since they live 3.5 hrs away. She had come across the blog and decided it was worth driving from Charleston, SC all the way to Charlotte. I can'ttell you how honored I felt and how my nerves kicked into over drive.
We touched base the day before our session and Teka said, "I must have that purple wall!!" I knew she was talking about Noda, so we met bright and early at Smelly Cat . There was also one funny request....she wanted to meet our son Levi. She caught a glimpse of him under our "Just Us" tab and fell in love (her words). What could we say??!! Levi was up and about with us at 7:30 a.m. He was all smiles as usual.
I was so excited and couldn't wait to meet them. We walked out into the parking lot and introduced ourselves and I knew immediately this was going to be one of funniest sessions ever!!!! We LOVE this couple and can't wait for them to come back so we can show them around town.

Check out this fabulous couple.....

 {Sincia & Alfonso}

I had the privilege of photographing my husband's parents during their first visit to our Queen City. They have been married for 42 years, raised 4 children and have 3 grandchildren. They met in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and made the Upper East Side home.
My goal in this session was to show that 42 years of marriage is possible in an age when "marriage" has been throw out the window and replaced with a"Hollywood love story" that seems to always end in divorce.
During their visit we went to the Billy Graham library and I heard Ruth Graham say "divorce never, murder, yes!" Sincia and Al have faced many life issues just as we do today and they just encouraged me to continue seeking the Lord in all things!!  Keep Jesus in the center of your marriage and hold on for the ride. Hope you enjoy this Love Bird session as much as I did.

{Sam & Vivianna}

If there was ever a time I wished I could post bloopers of a photo session it would be this one. We walked away from this session in tears because of all the fun we had with this amazing and loving couple. Don't you feel their love jumping out at you?? Here are just a few pics from their time in front of our camera. Enjoy!!

{Jean & Nathali}

All eyes were on this couple as we photographed them in Noda!  As we walked along the streets you could just see their LOVE for one another was so evident and everyone couldn't help but stare.

They will be welcoming a baby boy in September!!!