Wednesday, June 1, 2011

{Rodriguez Family Trip}

This time last year Marc and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversay in Savannah, GA!! I would say it was the best trip we've ever had. We also had no idea that nine months later we would finally be parents to a beautiful baby boy named Levi Saul. You see to us Savannah is not just another city but it's where God's promise to us in October 2009 finally came to pass. This year we found it only fitting to go back to Savannah and celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary BUT also God's faithfulness.  Here are a few pics of our 1st family trip!!

Because I LOVE history so much, we spent the last day touring the History Museums which included a train ride on a old locomotive. Be sure to check out the Roundhouse Railroad Museum next time your in Savannah.

Beach Bum!

The famous Forsyth Park where Forest Gump was filmed. It is such an amazing place to lay in the grass and have a picnic.


Zunis Take Out Inc. rocks and is our favorite place to go eat. There is always a line outside.


I seriously cannot get enough of this boy!!

This was Levi's first time at the beach and he had a blast!! He went wild when his daddy showed him how to splash the water with his hands. Such sweetness.



  2. what an eye God has given you. these are gorgeous! let me know if you ever want to visit beautiful San Antonio:0)