Monday, September 12, 2011

Sweet Peek {Levi Saul}

It's amazing to see God's promise fulfilled right in front of you every day. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't give glory to God for giving us this precious gift. If you don't know us personally then you wouldn't know that I had several miscarriages leading up to having Levi. Marc and I lost our daughter, Madison Grace Rodriguez at 6 months pregnant. We were only married a few months before we found out we were expecting. After we lost Madison, we lost 3 more babies.  No words can express the pain we felt.

It would take 7 years before God would bless us with Levi. God spoke to our Pastor's wife Maria Durso from New York while she was ministering to woman in Seattle, WA. While she was preaching on Hannah, God spoke and said He would give us a son, just as He had given Samuel to Hannah. He promised that he would come sooner then later.....we just had to be patient. This was spoken to us in October 2009. I went to see specialist that couldn't find any reason for my miscarriages. It was very difficult. 

In June 2010, after our 7 year Wedding Anniversary we found out that we were pregnant. We were so excited and yet a little fearful. Everyday we prayed over this baby and believed that God's promise was forming inside me. When it came time to find out what the sex of our baby was, it was nerve racking! The tech zeroed in on his manly area and said "It's a boy!" and I cried like a baby!!!!

I hope this brings encouragement to anyone that maybe facing a difficult situation. God is able....He will never leave us...He will never forsake us!

Enjoy a few pics of our miracle and promise.....Levi Saul!!

Since we are from NY, we had to give a little shout out and show some LOVE!

The past 7 months have been the best months of our lives!

His first tooth...sigh!

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