Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{ Leah & Steven} Married
Novemeber 12, 2011

As I drove to the location I was in complete awe of all the cotton fields and old barns along the way. I didn't think it could get any better then that and then we drove up to the home Steven grew up in. The house was nestled into a private community surrounded by woods and it was breath taking. It was a perfect sunny day in November. There are so many beautiful layers to this couple. 


I had to start out with the best wedding toppers I have ever seen!!! Leah & Steven are
 HUGE Star Wars fans ; )

Princess Leia and Hans Solo tied the knot!!

The wedding took place in the house Steven grew up in. I LOVE this!!!

Leah wanted something very simple but I must say that she took simple to the next level.

Britanny, Arianne and Leah met on a mission trip to Zimbabwe.  Since then they share an amazing connection. Britanny bought these matching necklaces for the wedding. Precious!!!

Leah's poor Dad couldn't keep it together. Love this moment!

This is Leah's grandfather. There's a good story behind this photo but I'll let Leah tell you ; )

Seriously cannot take how beautiful Leah is!!

There were times I think they really forgot I was there. Leah & Steven were so wrapped into each other and it was an honor for me to hide behind trees to capture their love ; )

The day turned out just perfect for us to grab these shots together. 

Isn't this the largest bridal party ever? They were all so amazing to work with ; )

Leah & her sister had me in stitches. 

Steven never took his eyes off of Leah.  Sigh...

Leah & Steve wrote out their vows and read them privately. It was so beautiful & intimate.

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